Jönköping University

Career Center

Career Center provides a chance to meet with students from the entire university in a variety of ways.

You can free of charge advertise Jobs, Internships, Traineeprogrammes, Thesis Proposals, Part-time or Summerjob opportunities on Career Centers Job Portal. The Job Portal is only available for students at the Jönköping University. You upload your advertisments here. A guide will lead you to the process.

If you have any questions or other proposals contact the Career Center through careercenter@hj.se

About the Career Center

The Career Center provides all students with a meeting place between professional life and Jönköping University. Career Center aims to strengthen students' opportunities of successfully finding appropriate employment upon graduation through:

  • Meetings with representatives from professional life
  • Career guidance
  • Seminars, courses and projects
  • Providing information about the labour market

Content checked / updated 2015-03-02