Student Exchange

Student Exchange

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The School of Education and Communication is a truly international study environment with many students choosing to spend a part of their studies overseas. Every semester there is also a large number of exchange students who choose to study at our school.

Studying abroad is an experience in life which often has a deep impact on students lives. Being able to go to another country for a longer period of time and getting to know another culture helps you to grow and develop as a person. Not only does going abroad widen your horizon, but it also helps you to see life from many different perspectives. It gives students a maturity and understanding that makes them attractive on the job market and it creates a lifetime of fun memories.

Students at the School of Education and Communication can choose to study at one of our partner universities, do their internship in another country and/or write their thesis overseas.

Within the Teacher Education programme there are a large number of students that choose to place their school placements abroad to widen their perspectives and enhance their intercultural understanding. Approximately half of the students at the Media and Communication Studies Programme choose to study one semester overseas. There is even a high rate of students studying Global Studies and Human Resources that choose to study or do their internship abroad.

Our international profile means that many exchange students from all over the world study at the School of Education and Communication. This contributes to creating an international environment which benefits both our Swedish students and exchange students.

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The School of Education and Communication cooperates with 100 partner universities around the world.