Incoming Exchange

Incoming Exchange

Dinner with International Students

International Exchange Students

International students who come to JIBS as exchange students must be registered at one of JIBS's partner universities. They remain registered at their home university, but the courses they take at JIBS can generally be counted towards their degree at home. Exchange students usually study at JIBS for one or two semesters.

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Exchange studies 2015/2016

Exchange studies at JIBS 2015/2016

Course Updates

Rate of Study

  • One quarter: 5 weeks
  • Part time: 10 weeks
  • Full time: 20 weeks  

Level of Education

  • Basic level/first cycle:  undergraduate/bachelor level
  • Advanced level/second cycle: graduate/master level  

Course Period

  • Autumn 2014 week 35-42 quarter A1 (August to October)
  • Autumn 2014 week 43-51 quarter A2 (October to December)
  • Spring 2015 week 03-12 quarter S1 (January to March)
  • Spring 2015 week 13 — 21 quarter S2 (March to May)

Study Levels