Ali Mirbagher Ajorpaz, student

Ali Mirbagher Ajorpaz

My main subject of my Bachelor's degree is Metallurgy, which I have been studying in my home country, Iran. I wanted to study this Master's programme because JTH is world renowned for its research and expertise in casting.

I want to learn more in my field materials and product development from an international point of view. It is very good and interesting that the courses are closely linked to industry/companies and the needs they have.

Magnus Biesse, Managing Director Proton Finishing

Magnus Biesse

Proton Finishing is one of the leading platers in Europe. We work with a score of different processes and can be found at seven locations in Sweden and Denmark. The development centre and several of our production units are located in Jönköping.

We have a good and close co-operation with JTH. We are one of the host companies, and have also joint research projects. For us, the co-operation is excellent, as the students can come with new creative ideas that can be tested and verified together with us. This co-operation makes us as a company a sharper and a more attractive workplace in several ways.

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»JTH is world renowned for its research in casting.«

»Creative ideas can be tested and verified together.«